Domestic & Commercial




There’s an extensive range of tapware available to suit budgets both big and small. The good thing is our service, well fit YOUR budget.

Our plumbers carry a basic range of bathroom taps, shower taps, basins taps, sink taps, laundry taps and bath taps in their vans at all times.


Mixer Taps

Each of our vans carry a basin mixer tap and a kitchen sink mixer tap, so replacement of your existing mixer tap can easily be done without having to attend our suppliers.



We can also assist with various plumbing services relating to your bathroom. Not only can we install or repair your toilet or cistern, but we can also install your vanity, install your basin and all tapware, install baths, fix your leaking bathroom taps and outlets, repair leaking breachers (fittings behind the wall of your shower taps), replace showerheads and bath outlets – and fix any blocked drain within the bathroom!