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Gas Hot Water Systems

A gas hot water system uses gas to heat the water. Gas hot water systems have a pilot light, whereas electric hot water systems do not. Quite simply, gas water heaters heat the water within the hot water system by burning the gas (either LPG or Natural gas, depending on the system type) in a covered burner which is at the base of the hot water system. A gas hot water system is available as a storage unit, or as an¬†instantaneous¬†unit ‚Äď you can even boost your¬†solar¬†hot water system with gas to provide added support.


Why Gas?

Gas hot water systems are becoming more and more popular for a number of reasons. They consume a lot less energy than electrical systems and therefore have less impact on the environment. The also cost a fair amount less than electrical systems because they are able to heat the water a lot faster.

Electric Hot Water Systems

An electric hot water system uses electricity to heat the water for your home or office. Electric hot water systems have an electric element that is sparked when a hot water tap is turned on. The electricity warms the water within the system ‚Äď whether it be a storage system or¬†instantaneous/continuous. You can also look at solar options;¬†some of which¬†have an electric booster element to increase the reliability of consistent hot water.

Why Electric?

Some homes or offices do not have gas connections. That’s when your stuck with electric or solar. Of course¬†you can always contact your local council to have a gas meter installed¬†and we’ll¬†install the gas connection and gas hot water system for you. The upfront costs of purchasing an electric hot water system tend to be less expensive than other systems, which is why some people choose electric hot water systems.


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